靚女記者自演強姦 解心結 PTSD vs. Phobia of being raped


The woman in the story did not experience a true PTSD. [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 創傷後壓力症候群]. Rather, this is a stress response or Phobia of being raped.

Simulated raping by her friend is an expected rape by someone whom she consented to have sex. This is by definition not a threatening experience for her, it is almost like a sex game with some low degree of violence by a non-aggressive man.

This method worked sucessfully in her case because her imagined fears of being raped is now disproved by the simulated rape which resulted in pleasurable experience. So her brain networks reconnected or rewired such that the "raping scene" is now more strongly associated with normal sex pleasure than with her fear responses. So she no longer has nightmares about raping scene which she self-created after listening to the rape victim's account. The fact that this simulated raping has worked proves that she did not have a real traumatic experience that PTSD clients would have.

This needs to be done under the guidance of professionals - the risk of this treatment method are that she really develops a PTSD from the simulated experience if it were not well-controlled. Also, it will NOT be effective if her imagined fear was NOT simply centered around a vague concept of being raped or the rape process. For example, if her fear was about a perpetrator hiding around the corner or following her back, this kind of simulation would not work.

Real PTSD as a result of traumatic experience of being raped will not be treated like this. The simulation would likely to become a re-experience of the traumatic memories, doing more harm than good.

  • only work for those without actually being raped.
  • Her problems or symptoms are completely different from real cases who have experienced sexual assault 
  • She has not experienced any real trauma
  • so there is no traumatic memory
  • what she has been treated was only a simple fear!
  • like fear of height
    • so she went through the simulation finding making love with rape scenario was fun
    • hence she was treated
    • That she can be treated this way proved that she has only a simple fear of being raped, no trauma at all.


用大麻/Cannabis/Marijuana對腦神經思維功能有影響,是會影響行為及工作能力(以前做到的,現在晤知點解做不到及出錯), 不只上癮這麼簡單呢!


其實我都有些不明白,為什麼在海外的公廁、學校廁所、地鐵及商場內的洗手間等都有一個鐵箱供大眾棄置用來打毒品針的工具呢? 真是不知好不好? 莫非毒品真的這樣普遍及「平民化」?

也有不少人在後花園自己種大麻供週末作娛樂用 (Recreational Use)


The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an advisory against smoked medical marijuana stating that, "marijuana has a high potential for abuse"(Opioid dependence)....毒癮is in the brain, 也不是單單驗血驗液就知,因為會被 metabolized。

Anyway, 給他機會保護形像對他 rehabilitation 有積極作用。
用大麻/Cannabis/Marijuana對腦神經思維功能有影響,是會影響行為及工作能力(以前做到的,現在晤知點解做不到及出錯), 不只上癮這麼簡單呢!


飲酒和吸煙對個人健康都有significant影響。 可能因為人人有時都想飲幾杯放鬆下,二來又是餐飲文化的重要一環, 是大生意, 所以一向只有人禁煙無人去禁酒。

Q. 以吸煙和飲酒比較,其實客觀來講,飲酒對人的禍害較大,

A. You are damn right. Drinking must lead to brain and liver damage, not to mention crime and aggression associated with the disinhibition and impulsivity and those traffic accident. My view is that because majority if not all of us like to have a bit of drink every so often. On the contrary, the majority of us don't smoke. Even without the big money, just playing on the selfish gene, the public tends to be more lenient on alcohol regulation. So, there is no absolute right or wrong ....

Q. 但禁煙的人可能會飲酒.

A. Yeap. Smoking does associate with health issues, it increases the likelihood of different diseases, for example lung cancer (probability). 

But people with different genetic endowments will have different protective factors against the carcinogenic effects. DNA will mutate, for a healthy cell there are mechanisms to correct these errors. With aging, these mechanisms fail one after another (so as with other psychological/environmental factors), then the chance of forming a survivable cancer cell will increase. So for individuals, smoking does not guarantee you to have cancer, etc. 

On the contrary, substance abuse (excessive alcohol consumption is one form) can cause neuronal damage as well as liver cell damage - it is a dosage-effect relationship. But it also depends on whether the individual has certain variant of liver enzyme that can metabolize alcohol faster. A greater proportion of Westerners have more of this "fast" liver alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme, so they can drink more without feeling sick and sustain more long-term harmful effects paradoxically. i.e. those who do not easily get drunk got more health problem usually as they drink more in total (if they have alcohol dependence).




愛因斯坦遊港不知得諾獎 曾被人誤以為讀書成績不理想 Einstein Syndrome (Comments: likely to be a myth to comfort people)


據當年報紙The Hong Kong Telegraph報道,愛因斯坦來港時說到,香港的景色令他想起另一家鄉瑞士,他深深被風景吸引。



Although Einstein had early speech difficulties, he was a top student in elementary school.

Einstein Syndrome is a term Thomas Sowell used to describe exceptionally bright people (aka: savants) with a slow development of speech (unlikely to have conversations before age four).
  • Delayed speech development
  • Usually boys
  • Highly educated parents
  • Musically gifted (families)
  • Puzzle solving abilities
  • Lagging social development
  • Delayed toilet training

The main thesis of the book is that late talkers are often inaccurately categorized as having an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and that a small subset of late talkers are actually highly intelligent children with common characteristics concentrated in music and/or memory and/or math. It is difficult if not impossible to accurately assess the cognitive skills of a child who is nonverbal or minimally verbal if the testing is verbally weighted, which it typically is. The book also addresses children with strong personalities resisting testing and scoring well below their capabilities. The author's own son who grew up to become a programmer, was falsely thought of as retarded because of his talking despite evidence of excellent memory and no dramatic impairment in daily functioning. The book details a series of high achieving scientists and musicians all of whom spoke late and displayed "autistic like" features (long attention span at young age, strong will, ability to play alone, delayed language/social skills) which not rarely are seen in children with extremely high intelligence.

Einstein Syndrome is likely to be a myth for comforting people with true deficits.

It is likely that Einstein has a superior non-verbal or visual-spatial intelligence (including symbolic intelligence) and superior attentional functioning relative to average verbal abilities with reference to the general population. He is unlikely to fall into Austistic Spectrum Disorder or Asperger's Syndrome, both of which are associated with many neurocognitive deficits, affecting especially their socializing skills. No report so far has mentioned Einstein had social or communication difficulties. Rather, he was likely to have preference in using his personal strengths, which were visuospatial/symbolic operations, and absorbed into his thoughts with highly focused attention and did not bother to talk. Without much pratice, it is understandable his early language development would have been postponed, but his language machinery, i.e. brain wiring of his language centres, was essentially normal, given enough educational opportunities, his language development would have caught up soon as proven later.

過度性功能症(Hypersexual Disorder) 將正式被確認為一個診斷 Diagnosis ,男仕喜訊,多一個合法理據....! 建議看Kama Sutra非體位那些部份或看3D肉蒲團之極樂寶鑑

簡單而言, Tiger Woods 以後就有合法理據。

女仕也有權用的。前陣有報導指有位女仕因為一天要幾次,嚇到男朋友們都走光。直至後來有位同樣有過度性功能(hypersexual) [注意:現在還未有正式的 hypersexual disorder 這個診斷類別]的男仕作為鄰居,一拍即合,如魚得水。

一般來說是不能控制 sexual urges ,思維心理加性格因素。嚴重的便要看看 hypothalamus (下丘腦), 管食慾及性慾的腦部結構是否出現病變。

可入治療營 (或不入營都有,視情況需要),有系統地用認知行為治療(Cognitive behavioural therapy)處理。

少少過度性功能(Hypersexual) 有朋友建議看Kama Sutra非體位那些部份,有很多男女相處之道,應該可以有助把以感官為重心的性愛轉化為感性及心靈以致 spiritual 的交流. 當然看3D肉蒲團之極樂寶鑑也有幫助,因為此劇中心想思是愛及家庭比單純為性而性來得重要。

最後,要一提是可找經正規訓練的專業性治療師(Sex Therapist)幫助。